Endorsement Procedure

How Does THSC Association Make Its Endorsements?

We base our endorsements of candidates who are current members of the legislature on their voting records. For those who have not been previously elected to the legislature, we base endorsements on their response to our questionnaire and on recommendations of home schoolers and other local leaders who are familiar with them. We do not endorse candidates with no voting record unless they respond to the questionnaire, so we can ascertain their positions on home school issues and have them in writing.

We mention on these pages that these are endorsements for the Republican Primary. State law allows people to vote in either political party’s primary, but only one. Since the Republican Party of Texas clearly states its support for home schooling in its platform and most, but not all, home schoolers in Texas vote in the Republican Primary, that is where we have invested our time to make endorsements.

In the general election in November, we will also ask Democrat candidates for a response to our questionnaire before we make endorsements for that election. Unfortunately, in the past very few have responded to our questionnaire, because the Democrat Party of Texas is strongly influenced by the Texas teachers’ unions and therefore, tends to oppose home schooling or, at the very least, support state regulation of home schooling. Because our purpose is to promote and protect home schooling and home schoolers in Texas, we usually end up supporting Republicans who share that view.

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