Home school students and graduates this year are taking part in an historic movement that will change the shape of campaigning in Texas.

In the wake of the success of the THSC Watchmen program, the Texas Home School Coalition is launching an unprecedented offensive for the 2014 election cycle. Interns admitted into the THSC Rangers will be directed to campaigns of candidates whom THSC has determined to be champions of home schooling and parental rights, where they will assist the campaigns through block walking, phone banking, and data analysis, as well as other critical segments of the campaign.

The THSC Rangers program is setting off with the ambitious goal of finding, vetting, and directing more than 1,000 interns into home school-friendly political campaigns across the state. The THSC Rangers is a never-before-seen asset, with incredible potential, that the home schooling community is gearing up to wield. Applicants for the THSC Rangers are reviewed based on their skill sets, political savvy, and understanding of conservative issues. Applicants are not required to have previous political experience in order to participate.

THSC Rangers interns will gain a real-world understanding of our election process in Texas and political experience that cannot be gained through classroom educational methods. Rangers will report back to THSC with their progress at predetermined intervals. It will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that will not only be an extremely valuable educational experience but will also be crucial in THSC’s efforts to elect officials who will defend home schooling and parental rights.

THSC Rangers may even receive college credit, along with other future opportunities, for some of their work. Register today!

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