Writing Letters for Members

Even though Texas is known for being the state that is the most free when it comes to home schooling, home schoolers still encounter problems with those in positions of authority who attempt to place unlawful requirements on and/or show bias toward home schoolers.

In many of these cases, THSC Association steps in and intervenes on behalf of its members with letters to these officials informing them of the law in Texas. We have had great success with this method.
The following are recent letters written by the THSC Association on behalf of members in matters related to their home schools.

Letters Concerning Adoption
Letters to Child Protective Services (CPS)
Letter Concerning Child Support
Letters to Colleges and Universities
Letters Concerning Driver Licenses (DPS)
Letters to Law Enforcement
Letters Concerning the Military
Letters Concerning Public School
Letters Concerning Scholarships
Letters to the Social Security Administration
Letters to Other Governments Agencies