Meet the Mills Family

By Paul and Susan Mills Looking back on our eight years of home schooling, I am reminded of the process the Lord took us through before we ever started teaching our oldest son the subjects known as kindergarten. We were living in Beaumont, Texas, where our first three children were born—Paul, … [Read more...]

Your Civil Bullet

by Don Stroud Go and grab your wallet before reading further. Got it? Good. Stuffed in that crevice of faded gas receipts and expired coupons should be a colored paper bullet, your Voter Registration Certificate. (Now would be a good time to gather your children around you for a quick civics … [Read more...]

Dual Citizenship: A Christian’s Responsibility

Twenty years ago I became active in the political process because the attorney general of Texas was defending the state’s position that home schooling was not legal.  Texas home schoolers have worked hard in many venues to elect good people who support the right of parents to teach their children at … [Read more...]