Military Recruitment

By Janice Dowden Home School Portfolio A well-planned entrance portfolio should aid in speeding the approval process. My Texas homeschooled student was recently accepted as Tier I in the U.S. Army under the previously mentioned pilot program, and I believe that our presentation of a detailed … [Read more...]


Many years ago I visited a small Austrian village nestled into the side of a mountain, surrounded by a lake. At the side of the mountain was a very old, castle-like rock home standing boldly against the sheer incline of the ancient mountain. The night we visited this town, there was a violent … [Read more...]

Building Readiness Skills

Blessed with the best home schooling laws in the nation, Texas families are choosing more and more to educate their children at home—and choosing to begin that education at a very early age. Many longtime home schoolers would tell you that they have homeschooled their children “since birth,” meaning … [Read more...]