Good bills, bad bills


I. Deceased Bad Bills As of May 18, SB 303 is officially dead. Your diligent phone calls paid off! SB 303 would have given the final authority for doctors to make certain end-of-life decisions for sick children. It would have empowered doctors to place “Do Not Attempt Resuscitation” orders into … [Read more...]

SB 303: Doctors of Death

SB 303 empowers doctors to place “Do Not Resuscitate” orders in the files of sickly children and the elderly without their consent. No one, not even the patient or a member of his family can remove this death sentence. No one, that is, except a panel of doctors. We spoke to Susan King, the House … [Read more...]

Inundated Yet Elated

Ben Snodgrass

This week the THSC Watchmen have been flooded with a deluge of new legislation. Each day over 150 new bills are filed. Thus far, we have reviewed nearly 3,000 bills. Thirty of those bills affect home schoolers or parental rights, about ten of which have a negative effect. As part of our process, we … [Read more...]

1600 Bills Later…

Ben Snodgrass

Having reviewed over 1600 bills currently in the Texas legislature, the THSC Watchmen are vigilantly working to protect your rights to parent and to educate your children at home. Two weeks ago THSC President Tim Lambert flew to Austin and met with several representatives about authoring our … [Read more...]