Life Collision

Homeschool REVIEW Magazine: Life Collision, Death of Spouse

When the smooth activities of daily life come to a screeching halt because of a collision with the traumatic, how do you persevere with life, much less home schooling? Whether it is the shock of serious health issues for you or someone you love, the death of a friend or family member, the deep … [Read more...]

Healing Tradition


Each year I travel to The Woodlands for the THSC Convention. As soon as the date for the next year is released, it is written in red on my calendar as a DO NOT MISS event. The THSC Convention has become a healing tradition for me. I have been home schooling now for approximately fourteen years. … [Read more...]

Emotional Amputation

The term “amputation” commonly has horrific and negative connotations in today’s society. It actually means to cut away or to prune and usually refers to the loss of a bodily extremity. Many times amputations are unexpected traumas that leave little time for the person involved to prepare for the … [Read more...]

Created for a Purpose

Years ago at a home school mom’s night out, our speaker, a librarian and home school mom herself, told us that God instills in each of our children at least one special something that they are or will be extra interested in—something that stands out above other things. It could be anything from … [Read more...]