Take Possession

Encourage your children to reach their full potential “So Pat said unto the young men of Arlington, ‘How long will you delay going in to take possession of the ice cream from thine refrigerator, which the Lord hath given unto you? Provide three men from thine house, and I will send them out that … [Read more...]

Testing 1-2-3


The Lord will test your child's character and yours too. Some days I wonder how my parents managed to raise me without the use of cell phones. This was becoming one of those days. About 4:45 p.m. I got an urgent text from my beautiful wife Belinda, starting a flurry of back-and-forth messages … [Read more...]

Promises Kept


Keep the promises you make to your children. I think it’s going to be a Tylenol day. My legs are jelly. My back needs replacing. My hands can hardly type this. My left shoulder is calling me names I won’t repeat. Yesterday I built a tree house for the kids. I built it in one day. Please don’t … [Read more...]

Playing in Traffic

The Lord takes care of us when life is crazy. “Dad, the car won’t respond to anything. It won’t go!” my daughter Scout (18) spoke with urgency. “Just pull over to the shoulder, and I’ll check it out,” I sleepily replied from the passenger seat. Scout was driving the family home from our second … [Read more...]

Red Light Run

I learn so much when I tell the truth. I’m definitely not a NASCAR-caliber driver, and I probably drive too cautiously for being a guy.  So when our caravan headed home from the concert, I got too far behind the lead car and was caught by a long, yellow traffic light. Life sometimes leaves you … [Read more...]

Be Still

A father should demonstrate faith in the Lord's faithfulness. I turned the key in my 1995 Ford Ranger pick-up truck, expecting it to start just like it had thousands of times before in our 14 years together as a couple. Funny how your expectations as a couple can change so fast. Sunday had … [Read more...]

Straight A’s

As a home school dad, you wonder if you did the job right with your kids. “Daddy, I made straight As!” Halley’s excited voice glowed over the phone. “Wow, Girl. That’s great!” I replied with an exhale of joy and relief. Our oldest child just completed her first year of college. She was ready … [Read more...]