A Time When Tears Cease


When my youngest son was learning to read, I started teaching him with the phonics program I had used with his older brother. A few months into the year we had made little to no progress. I was frustrated, he was frustrated, and we were both often in tears. At Christmas I borrowed another phonics … [Read more...]

Why Lead?

After returning from the Leadership Training Conference, I find myself really pondering some tough inner questions regarding leadership. Attendees were not only refreshed and encouraged but also challenged to grow and strengthen our character that we might become more effective leaders. Norm … [Read more...]

Weathering the Storms of Leadership

Spring–it is a season of growth and rebirth; it is a time when plants, long dormant, awaken and bloom. Spring ushers in the bountiful days of summer, but spring is also known for its storms. Spring storms can have a wide range of severity. Some storms can be brutal and leave behind devastation … [Read more...]

Visionary Leaders

Many people think the ability to plan ahead is visionary, but a vision is more than just having a fall schedule. Visionary leaders see their terms in leadership as finite, so their goal is to continually build and encourage those who follow. They purpose to build up and encourage their members and … [Read more...]

The Importance of Planning

As I write, a winter storm has blasted the Texas Panhandle and is moving across the state. Because of the weather, certain plans now have to be changed. We all know that at times unexpected circumstances occur that force us to alter or change even the best-laid plans; but for most of us planning is … [Read more...]

Inspirational Leadership

When I first began homeschooling and was new to leadership, I made many mistakes – I still do. However, a dear friend who had been homeschooling several years served as a mentor and guide to me in those early years. Her words of encouragement always inspired me to do more, learn more, and improve … [Read more...]