Heather Moody


Heather Moody had been married for 11 years. Many of those years were spent at home educating her own children, with the full approval of her husband. In fact, he was the one who suggested home schooling in the first place. But this past year, he informed her that he wanted a divorce, a divorce in … [Read more...]

Jim Loose


In October of 2007, just days after his wife’s death, Jim Loose heard an unexpected knock at his front door. When he opened the door, a process server was standing there, ready to serve him with legal papers initiated by his late wife’s father, who alleged one thing—and one thing only—that Jim was … [Read more...]

The Benefits of Training

By Becky Ryan I don’t believe that anybody is a born leader. I do believe that some people are gifted and talented to be better leaders than others. And I’m quite certain that successful leaders have had no small amount of training. They have learned from good (and bad) leaders and from their own … [Read more...]

Ideas for Preschool Activities


Get some ideas about ways to keep your preschooler’s cup full and him occupied while you are teaching your older students. Keep an ongoing list on the refrigerator.   When you are attempting to teach a new concept to an older child is not the time to try to stop and think. Keep a tub ready. … [Read more...]

Home School Team Places 7th at State

Five members of the FAITH Homeschool Co-op Texas Youth and Government team placed 7th in the state of Texas at the 65th Annual Texas Youth and Government Judicial Mock Trial Competition, led by home school mom Tracey Peterson. Team members, Michael Giles, Amanda Graziosi, Esther Hughes, Austin … [Read more...]