Texas Stands Strong Against Harassment of Home Schoolers; THSC Knows your Rights

THSC helps you know the rules.

The indiscriminate prosecution of Texas home school families ended with the Leeper case decision in 1994, which established that home schooling was indeed legal in Texas. However, school districts were left to their own devices as to how to decide whether families were truant or were actually home … [Read more...]

Judge Reprimands Family for Talking to Media, Confiscates Spectator’s Cell Phone; Still No Ruling on Tutts’ Right to Home School

Judge Reprimands Tutt Family

The shenanigans taking place in the Tutts’ fight to defend their family against CPS continue. On Friday, August 22, the Tutts were back in the courtroom for a hearing that was supposed to decide whether they would be allowed to home school their children. However, after taking testimony from both … [Read more...]

Home Schoolers Sue Texas

Home Schoolers Sue Texas

THSC Association filed a lawsuit against the Texas Ethics Commission (TEC) in federal court in Lubbock on July 25. As a 501(c)(4), non-profit advocacy organization, THSC has focused since its founding on the mission of advocating for home schooling and parental rights. After the landmark Citizens … [Read more...]