Custody and Legal Harassment

I was back in court in Ft. Worth on Wednesday as an expert witness on home schooling for the same mom who was challenged for custody of her daughter, by her ex-husband, last month on the basis of the fact that she home schooled their daughter. The judge rejected that request, and the ex-husband … [Read more...]

Lawsuit Abuse Against Single Parents

A couple of weeks ago, I did an interview with a Lubbock TV station on the issue of lawsuit abuse of single parents through loopholes in the grandparent access statute. People are always shocked when we tell the stories of fit parents who have their children taken from them simply because they are … [Read more...]

Now Is the Time to Protect Parental Rights

Today and tomorrow are the final days to vote early in the Republican Primary Runoff Election. Many of the races are very close, and the agenda for home schooling and parental rights issues in the next legislative session may hang in the balance. It is not uncommon for someone to say to me during … [Read more...]

Judge Considers Jail Time for Father

The second day of the hearing in the Ft. Worth parental rights case took place on Tuesday. The judge interviewed the now fourteen-year-old girl in his chambers without attorneys present at the request of attorneys for the father so she could avoid the pressure and stress of testifying in front of … [Read more...]