Now Is the Time to Protect Parental Rights

Today and tomorrow are the final days to vote early in the Republican Primary Runoff Election. Many of the races are very close, and the agenda for home schooling and parental rights issues in the next legislative session may hang in the balance. It is not uncommon for someone to say to me during … [Read more...]

Judge Considers Jail Time for Father

The second day of the hearing in the Ft. Worth parental rights case took place on Tuesday. The judge interviewed the now fourteen-year-old girl in his chambers without attorneys present at the request of attorneys for the father so she could avoid the pressure and stress of testifying in front of … [Read more...]

We Still Want the Child!

Yesterday in the 231st District Court in Fort Worth, grandparents who were thwarted by a jury last year in their attempt to take their granddaughter from her fit father spent all day on the stand giving testimony before Judge Catterton. During the trial they previously argued that if the father was … [Read more...]

Attempt to Overturn Jury Verdict

Today will be the first of two days of scheduled hearings in the ongoing tragedy of a single father in Tarrant County who has given up everything to keep his only child. Last August a jury of his peers reversed the ruling of a judge which originally caused the removal of his daughter from him for … [Read more...]

Ongoing Battle Against CPS

President Ronald Reagan once said that the nine scariest words in the English language are, “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.” That is certainly true when considering CPS caseworkers. Back in March, THSC became involved in a civil rights lawsuit against CPS on behalf of a grandmother … [Read more...]

We Don’t Care What the Jury Ruled

Last summer a Tarrant County jury reversed the orders of a judge and returned Jim Loose’s daughter to him, after she spent almost three years with her grandparents under “temporary” orders. Since last fall Jim’s attorneys have attempted to get a two-hour hearing with Judge Randy Catterton, to ask … [Read more...]