Help Protect Families and Parental Rights!

More and more we are reading news accounts from states where there is a growing effort to develop support for increased state regulation for home schooling. One recent article in Ohio referenced the need for regulation, saying, “Stanford University political science and education professor Rob Reich … [Read more...]

Parental Rights Case Back in Court

Last year the Texas home school community and THSC rallied to the support of a single, fit father in Tarrant County who had lost his daughter to her grandparents by the action of Judge C. Randy Catterton of Tarrant County. The “temporary” order that he issued had resulted in the grandparents having … [Read more...]

CPS Illegally Takes Children

In what can only be described as a vendetta, Houston CPS workers illegally took two small grandchildren from a loving, Christian, single grandmother to cover their own failure to investigate a complaint three months earlier regarding the children’s exposure to drug use. THSC has responded by suing … [Read more...]

Judge Backtracks…A Little

Yesterday in the Cameron courthouse, the fit mom who lost her children in a temporary order by a judge in a custody case was back in court after an earlier hearing last week in which she asked the court to give her “right of first refusal” so that when her husband travels 50 to 75 percent of the … [Read more...]

Cameron Home School Case Update

Last Friday about 40 home school parents and teens went to the court hearing in Cameron, in Milam County, to show their support for the home school mom in a custody hearing in which her in-laws and her husband tried to convince the judge to take her three children from her and place them with the … [Read more...]

Justice for Families

I wrote last week about a custody case in Cameron, in which a father and his parents are seeking to take his children from their mother on the basis that she had homeschooled the children. The case continues tomorrow and has served to remind me of the continuing challenge that parents—and … [Read more...]