Justice for Families

I wrote last week about a custody case in Cameron, in which a father and his parents are seeking to take his children from their mother on the basis that she had homeschooled the children. The case continues tomorrow and has served to remind me of the continuing challenge that parents—and … [Read more...]

Letter to Snyder ISD – February 9, 2012

Recently a member family contacted THSC requesting help in response to continued harassment from the Snyder Independent School District following the withdrawal of their daughter to homeschool. Tim responded by written communication to the authorities involved, educating them on Texas law and the … [Read more...]

Parental Rights and CPS

In the ongoing battle for restoration of the fundamental constitutional right of fit parents to direct the care, control, and upbringing of their children, we often challenge Child Protective Service (CPS) workers who investigate allegations of abuse and/or neglect. While state law requires that … [Read more...]