October 2011 Leader Letter


Team Building A Note from Kay Wise Words 2011 THSC Leadership Training Conference Social Waters Looking for a Leader Liaison Assistant Five Issues to Be Considered in Teambuilding October 2011 Leader Letter - PDF … [Read more...]

July 2011 Leader Letter


Leaders...Let's Be Real Relate to Those You Serve Home School Sports Programs Pre-Print Sale for New Texas Home School Handbooks Let Us Serve You Better Audios: Summer Training for Your Team A Note from THSC July 2011 Leader Letter - PDF … [Read more...]

March 2011 Leader Letter


Leadership and Lifelong Learning Limits of Vision Developing Discernment Nominate Your Leaders HS Leader Appreciation Week How Do You Communicate? Improve Your Leadership Skills A Note from THSC March 2011 Leader Letter - PDF … [Read more...]

Meet the Pennington Family

Pennington Family

Our home schooling adventure began before we were even married, twenty-four years ago. James had the conviction to homeschool our children before we met. While we were still dating, he told me that he wanted a wife who would homeschool his children; I thought he was crazy! It took some convincing, … [Read more...]