March 2011 Leader Letter


Leadership and Lifelong Learning Limits of Vision Developing Discernment Nominate Your Leaders HS Leader Appreciation Week How Do You Communicate? Improve Your Leadership Skills A Note from THSC March 2011 Leader Letter - PDF … [Read more...]

Meet the Pennington Family

Pennington Family

Our home schooling adventure began before we were even married, twenty-four years ago. James had the conviction to homeschool our children before we met. While we were still dating, he told me that he wanted a wife who would homeschool his children; I thought he was crazy! It took some convincing, … [Read more...]

Meet the Gebhart Family

By Anne Gebhart Lesson #1: Never say never. Home schooling was the last thing we thought we would ever do. More accurately, it was something we said we would never do. Our first exposure to home schoolers–a couple of aloof, unmotivated kids at church–only confirmed the decision that we would … [Read more...]

Meet the Philips Family

“Wow, I can really relate to what they have been through!” These were the words going through my head as Lyndsay Lambert was reading some of the comments from the nomination forms for the THSC 2008 Support Group Leader of the Year award. Little did I know that she was talking about us! Lyndsay … [Read more...]

Meet the Threadgill Family

Pennington Family

If you know the story of Israel, then you know the story of the Threadgill home school adventure. As Israel spent time in captivity and bondage to Pharaoh, we too, spent time in captivity and bondage to the American dream, pinning our hopes on government promises. However, the Lord had other … [Read more...]

Meet the Bailey Family

It is funny how many times the plans we make for our lives are so different than the plans that God has for us. When the idea of home schooling was introduced to us, I came up with my fair share of excuses as to why I could not and would not do it. I can’t homeschool! I hated school. How can I teach … [Read more...]

Meet the Davidson Family

Some days it is hard to believe that our home school journey began fourteen years ago. We knew from the beginning of our marriage that our children would not go to public school. Don really felt that God called us to not give our children over to the government to teach. I had taught for two and a … [Read more...]

Meet the Mills Family

By Paul and Susan Mills Looking back on our eight years of home schooling, I am reminded of the process the Lord took us through before we ever started teaching our oldest son the subjects known as kindergarten. We were living in Beaumont, Texas, where our first three children were born—Paul, … [Read more...]