Hands-On Learning

In chatting with some home school moms several years ago, the question came up, “How do you motivate your kids to do their schoolwork?” One woman expressed her frustration over constantly battling with her son. She would send him to his room every day to do his schoolwork, but when she checked … [Read more...]

A Fresh Start

by Sarah Schofield I love the beginning of the school year, don’t you? It feels like spring in the fall. It’s a time when things begin anew and I’m no longer playing catch up. It’s a brand new start. This encourages me more than you know. Usually by the end of the year, I feel as if I’ve run out … [Read more...]

The Forbidden Door

One benefit of having nine kids is the trickle-down effect that occurs when a parent is consistent with discipline. The downside, however, can be the assumption that all those wonderful lessons and values just automatically trickle down to the younger ones, or, the misguided presumption that one is … [Read more...]