Be Still

A father should demonstrate faith in the Lord's faithfulness. I turned the key in my 1995 Ford Ranger pick-up truck, expecting it to start just like it had thousands of times before in our 14 years together as a couple. Funny how your expectations as a couple can change so fast. Sunday had … [Read more...]

Straight A’s

As a home school dad, you wonder if you did the job right with your kids. “Daddy, I made straight As!” Halley’s excited voice glowed over the phone. “Wow, Girl. That’s great!” I replied with an exhale of joy and relief. Our oldest child just completed her first year of college. She was ready … [Read more...]

The Big Show

God calls us to prepare our kids for the “big show” of life, but we cannot always be in the show with them. Dads, have you ever coached and prepared your child for the “big show” only to discover that when the show starts you have no control over what your child does? Your child is on his own to … [Read more...]