Radio Rules

“No one is above the rules.” I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. “Haven’t the kids learned anything from me?” I wondered in frustration. And in my frustration, I lost control and intentionally dropped the radio. I heard the smash, but I didn’t care. I stormed off, leaving a confused and broken … [Read more...]

Scout the Dog

Your kids are hungry for your time and for what the Lord has given you. “Hello, this is Officer Johnson. Do you own a dog named Scout?” the policeman asked over the phone. “Uh, yes, Officer, I do. Um, why do you ask?” I hesitantly inquired, remembering my cell phone number was on Scout’s dog … [Read more...]


The Lord rescues those who are desperate for Him. A pastor at my church says he sees how I like “structure and order” in my life. Well, in my home school dad role, I might as well like vacations to the moon because the chances of either of these “likes” occurring are just about the same. Lately … [Read more...]

Impulse Power

Teach your kids with loving patience, and they will be patient with you. “Daddy.” I heard the voice, but I couldn’t see the kid that went with it. “Daddy!” The voice grew frantic. “Where are you, Story?” “Up here, Daddy!” My then-six-year-old son had scaled a tree but couldn’t … [Read more...]


The Lord calls home schoolers to serve Him without fear. Dads, you may remember Zacharias from the Bible. He was the father of John the Baptist and is best remembered for forgetting that all-important principle: Do not argue with an angel (an important safety tip for us dads). After his voice … [Read more...]