A Time of Preparation

hands holding a rope

Sunday morning I had the rare opportunity to sit at the kitchen table with my husband and enjoy a cup of coffee and quiet conversation before getting ready for church. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a quickly moving shadow. Upon closer inspection, I discovered a small mother cottontail preparing … [Read more...]

Do You See Me?

Leslie Stevens

“Hello.  My name is Leslie.” “Hi Leslie!” “I am a mother of a child with special needs . . . .” Do you ever feel like this?  Do you ever feel like we are all on an island where the only way to receive an admission ticket is having a child with special needs?  Doesn’t really matter the … [Read more...]

Levels of Learning

Levels of Learning

Article first published in THSC REVIEW May 2014. Home school parents talk a lot about teaching and learning. We read books, go to conferences, and attend seminars. Intuitively we know that both teaching and learning happen on many different levels, but breaking the process down can be a bit … [Read more...]

Summer Reading Lists


Article by Ruth O'Neil first published in THSC REVIEW May 2014. Ahhh! Summer vacation. Students breathe a sigh of relief, while parents may dread the “I’m bored” whining and also may worry about all the knowledge their children will forget over the summer months. One way to keep kids from … [Read more...]