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June is always an exciting time of year. It signals the end of a home school year for many students and moms alike. For THSC, it signals the launch of two new services we hope will encourage and support your family.   The new THSC newsletter, THSC FrontPage, will be published once a week and … [Read more...]

Ideas for Preschool Activities

Ideas for Homeschooling Preschoolers

Get some ideas about ways to keep your preschooler’s cup full and him occupied while you are teaching your older students. Keep an ongoing list on the refrigerator.   When you are attempting to teach a new concept to an older child is not the time to try to stop and think. Keep a tub ready. … [Read more...]

Building Readiness Skills

Blessed with the best home schooling laws in the nation, Texas families are choosing more and more to educate their children at home—and choosing to begin that education at a very early age. Many longtime home schoolers would tell you that they have homeschooled their children “since birth,” meaning … [Read more...]

Nurturing Our Youngest Learners

In my work managing the home school department at a Christian bookstore, one type of mom always draws my attention. Anticipation lights her face. While the eyes of another shopper solemnly studies curriculum choices, this mom wears the eager look of a child in a candy shop. She is the mother of a … [Read more...]