Texas Law Supports Families

Social Security Benefits

When a home school student’s Social Security benefits were dropped due to the student turning 18 and not attending a standard school, the family contacted THSC requesting help. President Tim Lambert quickly responded to this member family’s request with a letter to the Social Security Administration … [Read more...]

THSC Fights for Child Support for Special Needs Student

Help and guidance from THSC

In many cases of marital separation, child support is legally guaranteed, and this case is no exception. However, one Texas parent threatened to remove child support simply because their daughter is home schooled and, because she has learning disabilities, she may need to be home schooled beyond 18 … [Read more...]

Do You See Me?

Leslie Stevens

“Hello.  My name is Leslie.” “Hi Leslie!” “I am a mother of a child with special needs . . . .” Do you ever feel like this?  Do you ever feel like we are all on an island where the only way to receive an admission ticket is having a child with special needs?  Doesn’t really matter the … [Read more...]

God’s Grandchildren

“What does God look like?” Young children without the capacity for abstract thinking often ask this question as they struggle to understand our spiritual commentary on life. Some people think God resembles Reb Tevye and his friends in Fiddler on the Roof—fiftyish or older, long beard, Yiddish … [Read more...]

Choose Laughter

Though I wrote this with families of special needs children in mind, the thought occurs to me that maybe there are others who could use some laughter as well. Perhaps your child is not one who has special needs, but part of God’s specific plan for him was to bring joy and laughter into your home. … [Read more...]


Sometimes I feel overwhelmed when I compare my own home school with others. This happens most often at home school gatherings—conferences, field trips, support group meetings. I tearfully watch mother hens surrounded by broods of quiet chicks, and I wonder, "What is that like?" I will never know so … [Read more...]