Letting them G(r)o(w)

Most home school moms I know are used to being in control of their children’s lives. Think of this: we are not like others who send their children off to school and are not really aware of what is happening in our child’s experience for several hours five days a week. In those early days of … [Read more...]

Letting go of the Wheel

My boys grew up on the farm, and they learned to drive at a very young age, following farm equipment slowly down the dirt roads—not something I would condone, but simply stating a fact—so, by the time they were old enough to take driver education, teaching them to handle a vehicle was not at all … [Read more...]

Why Am I Here?

Why am I here? Who am I? What is my life’s purpose? What is God’s will for my life? These are the types of questions I often hear in my work as a college and career counselor. Much of my day is spent helping young adults (ages 17 to 25) sort through their confusion and find meaningful direction for … [Read more...]

Be Very Afraid!

When the thought of college looms brighter and brighter in a mother’s mind, the accompanying feelings can become scarier and scarier. It is not that we did not know this was coming; it is not that we have not taught him everything we knew and wanted him to know. It is just that–well—he is going to … [Read more...]


The decision to homeschool your teenager is a serious one. In comparison to younger children, teens require greater dedication of the parents to the responsibilities of home education. Teenagers are more independent in the completion of their course work, but the parents assume a larger … [Read more...]