Texas Stands Strong Against Harassment of Home Schoolers; THSC Knows your Rights

THSC helps you know the rules.

The indiscriminate prosecution of Texas home school families ended with the Leeper case decision in 1994, which established that home schooling was indeed legal in Texas. However, school districts were left to their own devices as to how to decide whether families were truant or were actually home … [Read more...]

The Socialization Question

Tim Lambert

This week I spent some time in a courtroom testifying as an expert witness on home schooling. Unfortunately, such an occurrence is becoming more common as parents divorce and consequently disagree on what the future education of their child should be. While home schooling is clearly legal in Texas, … [Read more...]

Letter to Snyder ISD – February 9, 2012

Recently a member family contacted THSC requesting help in response to continued harassment from the Snyder Independent School District following the withdrawal of their daughter to homeschool. Tim responded by written communication to the authorities involved, educating them on Texas law and the … [Read more...]