Updated CPS Policy, THSC Pushes Back for your Rights!

scared child

Last December, THSC President Tim Lambert met with the Commissioner of the Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) to create clearer policies for the Child Protective Services (CPS) regarding Texas families and their well-being.   After THSC communicated concerns to Commissioner Specia, … [Read more...]

The Socialization Question

Tim Lambert

This week I spent some time in a courtroom testifying as an expert witness on home schooling. Unfortunately, such an occurrence is becoming more common as parents divorce and consequently disagree on what the future education of their child should be. While home schooling is clearly legal in Texas, … [Read more...]

Home Schooling and Child Custody

While the issue of the legality of home schooling in Texas was settled in 1987 in the Leeper v. Arlington ISD case, the decision of which was confirmed by the Texas Supreme Court in 1994, that case dealt primarily with the compulsory attendance laws of the state of Texas. The state had argued in the … [Read more...]