Private Schools and Home Schools: The Differences

Are homeschools private schools?

In Texas, home schools are considered a type of private school, providing freedom by recognizing home schools as legitimate schools (read more in The Critical Difference). However, the differences in the regulations applicable to home schools and traditional private schools are substantial. These … [Read more...]

Letter to Snyder ISD – February 9, 2012

Recently a member family contacted THSC requesting help in response to continued harassment from the Snyder Independent School District following the withdrawal of their daughter to homeschool. Tim responded by written communication to the authorities involved, educating them on Texas law and the … [Read more...]

Letter to Lamesa ISD – September 13, 2011

As another school year got underway, THSC found it necessary to inform an elementary principal at Lamesa ISD that it is not necessary for a parent or guardian to make an appearance at the school or complete school forms to disenroll their child if they have given written notice of withdrawal; … [Read more...]