Progress with Tim Tebow Bill and H.J.R. 45

Nathan Exley

This week, Representative Stickland filed a bill to prevent the state from regulating private schools. Since home schools are considered "unaccredited private schools," the bill would preserve within the Texas Constitution the right to home school for years to come. H.J.R. 45 constitutional … [Read more...]

Tim Tebow – Collin Klein Bill Filed

We spent the better part of this week in Austin working with legislators on key issues important to the home school community in Texas. A week ago today State Representative Harold Dutton (D) of Houston filed HB 1374, which would allow home school students to participate in UIL activities in the … [Read more...]

The Issue of Freedom and Liberty

The issue of freedom and liberty is often discussed during the Texas legislative sessions. It is discussed in relation to tax rates and how much of their own money taxpayers are able to keep. It has been discussed in regard to lawsuit reform and the desire for people to be protected from frivolous … [Read more...]

Inundated Yet Elated

Ben Snodgrass

This week the THSC Watchmen have been flooded with a deluge of new legislation. Each day over 150 new bills are filed. Thus far, we have reviewed nearly 3,000 bills. Thirty of those bills affect home schoolers or parental rights, about ten of which have a negative effect. As part of our process, we … [Read more...]

1600 Bills Later…

Ben Snodgrass

Having reviewed over 1600 bills currently in the Texas legislature, the THSC Watchmen are vigilantly working to protect your rights to parent and to educate your children at home. Two weeks ago THSC President Tim Lambert flew to Austin and met with several representatives about authoring our … [Read more...]

Crisis of the Home School Scouter

Nathan Exley

With one century in its backpack, the Boy Scouts of America is considering a new and controversial amendment to its age-old values: allowing homosexuals into their leadership. From the Scouting Website “Currently, the BSA is discussing potentially removing the national membership restriction … [Read more...]

Legislative Actions


Things are beginning to get underway here at the Capitol. Bills relating to parental rights, college tuition, child abuse, credit hours, vouchers, and grandparent access have been filed. We at the Texas Home School Coalition are currently focused on two pieces of legislation that would have … [Read more...]