Home Schoolers Impact Election!

Jeremy Newman

As the results from the 2014 Primary poured in on Tuesday night, the impact of the work from the home schooling community became more and more evident. The 2014 November elections are shaping up to be an historic landslide victory for traditional values and parental rights! Statewide … [Read more...]

A Call for Rangers

Tim Lambert

As THSC continues to work for the return of all of the Tutt children and for the Tutts’ right to home school those children, thousands of home schoolers have responded to this tragedy by asking, “What can we do?” Some have even suggested that this case sounds eerily similar to some of the recent … [Read more...]

True Believers

Tim Lambert

It’s hard to avoid all the news out of Washington, D.C., regarding the continued battle over Obamacare and the most recent government shutdown. I’ve watched with interest the leadership of Texas Sen. Ted Cruz in this battle—and not just because I was an early supporter in his race for the U.S. … [Read more...]

Eternal Vigilance

Tim Lambert

I just returned the last week of September from an annual conference that several THSC staff members and I attend with the National Alliance of Christian Home Education Leadership. This conference is conducted by an organization made up of state home school leaders and is, essentially, an … [Read more...]

The Miraculous Death of SB 768

Paul Hastings

This is a story of vigilance, a zombie bill that wouldn’t die, and the courage of one man who stood in the doorway of truth and held back the forces of evil. Most of all, this is the story of God’s faithfulness. The Watchmen As many of you know, at the beginning of the spring the Texas Home School … [Read more...]

Support Home Schooling…But

Tim Lambert

In the 1980s home schooling was still a concept with which most people were unfamiliar and with which many elected officials were not comfortable. In fact, I often quote former Texas Attorney General Jim Maddox, who said that he did not believe parents were qualified to raise their children, much … [Read more...]

Freedom and Liberty Not Free

Tim Lambert

As we celebrate “Independence Day,” or the founding of our great country, this July and at the same time watch the protests and counter-protests at the Texas Capitol during the second special session for the Texas Legislature, I am reminded that liberty and freedom are not free. Some home … [Read more...]