Fear or Freedom

In the 1980s in Texas the modern home school movement was in its infancy. The Texas Education Agency (TEA) had declared that home schools were not private schools and therefore were in violation of the compulsory attendance laws. The TEA encouraged school districts to prosecute home school families. … [Read more...]

Call Today to Pass Tebow Bill

For the Tebow Bill, kickoff is scheduled for 2:00 p.m. on Tuesday, April 9. If the Tebow Bill wins, home schooled students who live within a public school’s district will be allowed to try out for that public school’s interscholastic activities. Sports and other extracurricular events like music and … [Read more...]

Town Hall Meeting for Your Tebow Bill Concerns

Tebow Bill Town Hall Meeting

Occasionally, a home schooler comes to us concerned about the Tebow Bill, the bill that would allow home schoolers to participate in UIL activities. "Will government start to regulate home schoolers because of this bill?" they ask. Others are just curious and want to know how their home schooled … [Read more...]