Lawyers Target Parents


We have been battling to restore the fundamental, constitutional right of parents in Texas for many years, especially in regard to the lawsuit abuse related to the area of family law known as the Grandparent Access Statute. As I have explained on many occasions, this well-meaning statute allows a … [Read more...]

The Issue of Freedom and Liberty

The issue of freedom and liberty is often discussed during the Texas legislative sessions. It is discussed in relation to tax rates and how much of their own money taxpayers are able to keep. It has been discussed in regard to lawsuit reform and the desire for people to be protected from frivolous … [Read more...]

Heather Moody


Heather Moody had been married for 11 years. Many of those years were spent at home educating her own children, with the full approval of her husband. In fact, he was the one who suggested home schooling in the first place. But this past year, he informed her that he wanted a divorce, a divorce in … [Read more...]

Jim Loose


In October of 2007, just days after his wife’s death, Jim Loose heard an unexpected knock at his front door. When he opened the door, a process server was standing there, ready to serve him with legal papers initiated by his late wife’s father, who alleged one thing—and one thing only—that Jim was … [Read more...]