Congratulations Form

THSC is pleased to pass along the accomplishments of home school students in so many areas!

Because the compilation and editing for space became a daunting task, we are using this web form as a tool to help streamline the process. Please help us in this service of encouragement to home school students and parents by cooperating with us in this requirement!

Form must be completed by home school parent/teacher of student being recognized. We cannot accept accounts that have been submitted by an outside party.

Forms that are not correctly completed will not be considered for posting.

Please do not copy and paste from a press release or tell, for example, how hard the student worked as an answer to how someone else could compete. Please give specific information regarding how another student could participate (whom to contact, etc.).

Please submit a photo we can use in our newsletter and on our website. This image should be no larger than 600px wide.

Please provide all the information requested below.
  • Must be on a state or national level of competition.

    Please be concise; keep the total account to 150 words or less.
  • Please give specific information. i.e. amount/duration of scholarship
  • Please include a web address where members can find more information.
  • Accepted file types: jpg.
    By including a picture, you agree to allow us to publish the picture in our publications (website, Enewsletter and REVIEW magazine).