Capitol Days

About Capitol Days 2015

THSC Capitol Days is the ultimate hands-on experience in state government and a valuable tool for lobbying the Texas Legislature on current issues of importance. Students and families meet in Austin for activities and training in the legislative process. In the morning session, they will learn about current pending legislation important to Texas home schoolers. After lunch, attendees will reconvene, divide into teams, and spend the afternoon at the Texas State Capitol delivering provided packets and lobbying the home school position to legislators and their staffs.

Home school co-ops and government classes are welcome! Make this a group field trip and bring the entire class to see the legislative process in action.

THSC Capitol Days are conducted every other year when the Texas Legislature is in session and won’t be back until 2017. Reserve your seat at any or all of the THSC Capitol Days. New bills and “real-time” legislation will be presented at each session.