SLC Speakers and Workshops

Davis Carman

Leadership Lessons From the Trenches
Being in a leadership position is tough work. Your heart desires to see great things happen for home schooling families in your area, but the enemy throws so many flaming arrows your way. Often these come in the form of conflict with people. How can you as a leader build trust among your team members and constituents, maintain healthy relationships when facing conflict, and confront difficult issues effectively? In this workshop, Davis gives four leadership lessons he has learned firsthand from the field (aka trenches). You will learn how to be more effective in your leadership role.

Rick Boyer

Are Great Leaders Made Or Are They Born That Way? Yes!
As with any other talent, some people have more natural leadership ability than others. But all Christians are called to lead in some form or other, so God has built into all of us the capacity to develop our strength as leaders. The key is for someone in leadership to recognize potential in someone else and help him cultivate it. This session deals with how to recognize future leaders and help them to grow into their potential.

Dennis Gunderson

Serving With Heart and Having a Heart for Service
A sure remedy to the problem of a competing or conflicting spirit in our work with others is to get the servant spirit of which Jesus spoke into our hearts. He exhorted His disciples to learn that the one who serves others is, in fact, the greatest of all. Find out how growing in this personal trait, which goes hand-in-hand with humility, can transform your leadership and the direction of home schooling families in your community.