SLC Speakers and Workshops

Joe and Zan TylerKeynote Speakers: Joe and Zan Tyler

Joe and Zan Tyler homeschooled their three children from kindergarten through high school, for a total of twenty-one years. When they began homeschooling in 1984, Zan was threatened with jail by the South Carolina State Superintendent of Education. After prolonged legal battles for the rights of their family and homeschoolers in their state, Joe and Zan founded the South Carolina Association of Independent Home Schools (SCAIHS) in 1990. Zan served as its president for ten years, and Joe currently serves as the chairman of the SCAIHS board.

Zan is the director of Apologia Press, where her goal is to support homeschooling parents by bringing them the very best authors and biblically sound resources. A longtime speaker, writer, and homeschooling advocate, she derives deep joy from speaking to and encouraging homeschooling parents across the country and around the globe. Her greatest desire is to give parents a sustainable vision for raising their children for Christ while providing them the very best education.

Zan has been honored as the South Carolina Homemaker of the Year and has been awarded the Order of the Palmetto, the highest South Carolina honor a civilian can receive. She has appeared on NBC’s Today Show with Katie Couric and has served as the National Grassroots Director for The author of 7 Tools for Cultivating Your Child’s Potential, Zan is also a popular columnist. She is the South Carolina Ambassador for the Home School Foundation, a ministry dedicated to helping homeschool families in need.

Joe has worked in the information systems industry for thirty-two years and is the project manager for Apologia Educational Ministries. He has served as a PCA elder since 1984 and has taught parenting and marriage Sunday School classes and Bible Studies. He enjoys speaking with Zan at homeschooling conferences. In the past years he has spoken in Japan and Hawaii and conventions throughout the U.S.

Friday Evening Session

The Leadership Legacy – Joe and Zan Tyler
Join Joe and Zan as they begin our weekend of instruction and encouragement. In this powerful opening session, we will learn more about the definition of leadership, the meaning of servant leadership, the sacrifice of leadership, the power of problems, and the legacy of leadership. The Tylers will also talk specifically about family life and home schooling leadership. The last thing we want to do as leaders is to alienate our spouse or our children as we work to encourage other home school families. There are ways to effectively incorporate your children into leadership so that your leadership becomes a mission that unites the family rather than destroys it.

Saturday Morning Session

A Powerful, Sustaining Vision for Leadership – Joe and Zan Tyler
What is your vision for home schooling? Your support group? Your family? Your life? How do you go about developing a powerful, sustaining vision that encourages participation and engagement from those to whom you are trying to minister? Zan and Joe Tyler have been involved in home schooling leadership since 1985—at the national, state, and local levels. Whether you are creating a vision for your support group as a board of directors or simply want to provide clear direction for your family, the Tylers will inspire you as they share their own joys and frustrations of home school leadership.

Saturday Afternoon Session

Laughter Is the Best Medicine: Marriage Lessons for Leaders – Joe and Zan Tyler
Joe and Zan Tyler have thoroughly enjoyed 35 years of marriage. From threats of jail to Joe’s comic relief around the house, together they have experienced many joys and triumphs and weathered many storms. Enjoy a refreshing session of laughter and encouragement as Joe and Zan share candidly about the ups and downs of married life while they focus on the biblical principles that have served as the unshakeable foundation of their marriage. Understanding and embracing the magnificent biblical vision of marriage is the key to a vibrant relationship and is critical to balancing marriage, family life, and home school leadership.

Saturday Evening

Where’s the Beef? (A Time for the Men)
The Vision of the Home School Husband and Dad – Joe Tyler

A cell phone commercial features an NBA point guard trying to play basketball blindfolded. Because he can’t see the goal, he’s never sure if he’s scoring. Too often men take on the tasks of husband, father, shepherd, principal, coach, and disciplinarian without the vision necessary to define and accomplish the goal. In this session Joe Tyler helps define the goal and shares how to discover the divinely appointed means of achieving it. You may even learn the secret to making your wife deliriously happy, your home a quiet and peaceful kingdom, your children rich beyond measure, and your father-in-law in awe of your great accomplishments. Join us in our discussion of what it really means to leave a legacy as a Christian husband and dad.

Encouragement by Chocolate (A Time for the Ladies)
Mothers Are Kingdom Builders – Zan Tyler

From teaching phonics to building faith, from changing diapers to graduating teens, our lives as home schooling moms run the gamut from the very mundane to the very meaningful. In the midst of the mind-boggling demands of home schooling and everyday life, we constantly need to remind ourselves that our work as home schooling mothers has tremendous eternal significance—we are truly building God’s kingdom one child and one family at a time. As our culture deteriorates and as our nation faces serious challenges, the stakes couldn’t be higher. By developing strong families and rich relationships, helping our children discover their gifts and callings in life, and providing stimulating academics with a biblical worldview, we are raising children who, by God’s grace, can change the world for His glory.

Sunday Morning

Being Ambassadors for Christ: Developing Influence by Bringing Out the Best in Others – Joe and Zan Tyler
As Christian home school leaders, we are called to be ambassadors for Christ first and foremost, and in the process we become ambassadors for the family and home schooling. In this session we will discuss how to present home schooling in the best possible light. We will also discuss principles and actions that motivate and inspire others, as well as those that cripple them. These principles are valuable whether you are working with children, your spouse, other home schoolers, the media, or local officials.