Children and Preteens

2014 THSC Southwest Convention and Family Conference July 24-26, 2014 
The Woodlands, Texas

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Important Check-in Instructions

About the THSC Kids Convention

While Mom and Dad are enjoying the Convention at The Woodlands Waterway Marriott Hotel and Convention Center, kids ages 4-12 will take part in their own events just a few miles down the road at WoodsEdge Community Church (WECC).

Your child’s lunch is provided with registration, so parents can take advantage of two full days of Convention workshops and shopping! Plus, you can enjoy our complimentary shuttle service to and from both Convention venues.

New Kids Convention and Preteen Programs Location!

THSC is excited to introduce a new venue for the Kids Convention and Preteen Programs! They will be held this year at the beautiful WoodsEdge Community Church Campus.

Located just 5.8 miles from the Marriott, WoodsEdge Community Church has graciously allowed THSC to hold the Kids Convention, Inner Princess, and Mighty Men of Valor programs at their spacious campus. Recognizing that your children’s safety comes first, we want to make sure that you know your children will be cared for in this nearby facility. Please read the following for answers to your questions about this year’s programs.

In what program should I enroll my child?

Preteen boys ages 11-12: Mighty Men of Valor (very limited space)
Preteen girls ages 11-12: Inner Princess (very limited space)
Children ages 4-12: Kids Convention (limited space)


Preteen boys ages 11-12 will want to take part in the exciting Mighty Men of Valor program. David’s Mighty Men of Valor were men challenged at every turn who remained strong and faithful. They were successful due only to the Lord’s power in their lives. Today’s young men are also challenged at every turn and need to be encouraged to stand strong and to make right decisions. They need to realize that only by God’s power can they, too, resist the enemy and be on the offensive.

Activities will include fun-filled skits, singing, and Bible verse memorization. The program will include hands-on activities with spiritual analogies.


Preteen girls ages 11-12 at the 2014 THSC Convention are in for a life-changing adventure when they attend the Inner Princess program! Your daughter will love joining us for a fun-filled time of songs, games, skits, and crafts, as we learn more about what it means to be a true princess and daughter of the King of Kings. Activities this year include adventures on a nature trail, lessons in wisdom, and team treasure hunts!


Your children ages 4-12 will love going on exciting, Christ-centered adventures filled with songs, skits, games, and new large and small group activities!

NOTE: Sibling groups will be kept together unless parents communicate otherwise, and special requests for children to be placed on the same team will be considered IF the request is submitted WITH registration. For security reasons, team changes on-site may not be considered.


Will the new campus be secure for my children?

Yes! First, your children will be in the care of the Kids Convention, Inner Princess, and Mighty Men of Valor staff – all directed by individuals who have been working with THSC kids for more than ten years.

Secondly, as in previous years, we are blessed to have volunteers from the International ALERT Academy on-site to provide a security presence. These gentlemen will be guarding doors and ensuring that those who enter are only those who should be there. Finally, while the church is on a large, beautiful property in The Woodlands, we will have the additional security of a police officer who will be patrolling the grounds and the building for our safety.

Volunteers over the age of 18 in the three programs will undergo background checks and attend mandatory child protection training. In addition, we are decreasing student/teacher ratios for a better learning environment.

Where should I check in?

Children should be taken directly to WoodsEdge Community Church and be checked into their respective programs there. All three programs are expected to fill up and will not have on-site registration.

Will I need to come get my children for lunch?

No. THSC is pleased to provide lunches for your children to have on-site at WoodsEdge Community Church under the continued supervision of their program directors and volunteers. If your child has any special health needs, please make us aware of them on the medical waiver form and have your child pack a sack lunch.

There will not be a mandatory parent pick-up time for lunch. You may drop your children off in the morning and pick them up late Friday and Saturday afternoon as scheduled.

When can I pick up my children?

For security reasons you may pick up your children at WECC any time during the day, but you may be asked to wait if children are currently in Large Group. IMPORTANT: If children become unruly, unmanageable, distracting, or harmful to others, we will contact you and ask that you pick them up immediately.

What if there is an emergency?

We request that your cell number be written on the nametags of your children and that your phones be kept within your reach. If your child becomes sick or needs you, we will be able to contact you directly. If we are unable to reach you, we will contact THSC staff, who will then be able to assist us in contacting you. EMTs and/or paramedics will be present at WECC at all times. In case of any serious emergencies, 911 will be called immediately, and parents will be called at the next available moment.

Can my older children volunteer at Kids Convention?

YES! We would love to have your older children as volunteers. Young adults ages 14 and older will have the
exciting opportunity to lead 400+ children in Christ centered adventures filled with songs, games, small group activities, large group activities, and skits! Volunteers will learn teamwork and leadership skills as they guide the children in their care. Plus, if your older children volunteer with us at Kids Convention, YOU will receive complimentary general admission tickets! To learn more and submit an application for THE adventure of the summer, visit Kids Convention Volunteers.

Map to WoodsEdge Community Church