Leadership Seminar

2014 THSC Southwest Convention and Family Conference July 24-26, 2014 
The Woodlands, Texas

Adult Track

Leaders, teachers, board members, co-op directors, etc., this workshop is for you! Learn the secrets of great leaders.

Davis Carman

Leadership Lessons From the Trenches
Being in a leadership position is tough work. Your heart desires to see great things happen for home schooling families in your area, but the enemy throws so many flaming arrows your way. Often these come in the form of conflict with people. How can you as a leader build trust among your team members and constituents, maintain healthy relationships when facing conflict, and confront difficult issues effectively? In this workshop, Davis gives four leadership lessons he has learned firsthand from the field (aka trenches). You will learn how to be more effective in your leadership role.

Rick Boyer

Are Great Leaders Made Or Are They Born That Way? Yes!
As with any other talent, some people have more natural leadership ability than others. But all Christians are called to lead in some form or other, so God has built into all of us the capacity to develop our strength as leaders. The key is for someone in leadership to recognize potential in someone else and help him cultivate it. This session deals with how to recognize future leaders and help them to grow into their potential.

Dennis Gunderson

Serving With Heart and Having a Heart for Service
A sure remedy to the problem of a competing or conflicting spirit in our work with others is to get the servant spirit of which Jesus spoke into our hearts. He exhorted His disciples to learn that the one who serves others is, in fact, the greatest of all. Find out how growing in this personal trait, which goes hand-in-hand with humility, can transform your leadership and the direction of home schooling families in your community.

Anne Gebhart

How Home Schoolers Can Help Get Conservative Candidates Elected
Parental rights and educational freedom can only be sustained by electing people who truly understand and support those rights and freedoms. Home schoolers especially need to make their voices heard in the political process; but, HOW do you know which candidates are the right ones to support? Anne Gebhart will share the importance of vetting candidates and the techniques that she has used to dig deeper than the campaign slogans to find out which candidates are worthy of our support.

Student Track

Student leaders, you are the future! This separate workshop, for ages 10 to 18, is designed to help you grow in leadership, with hands-on activities, skits, role-playing, and much, much more!

Chad Christiansen, In The Gap Ministries

Who Wants to Be a World Changer?
Everybody wants to make a difference. But let’s face it: not very many people do. Anyone can be a hero, but it takes commitment and personal integrity to become a world changer.

In this workshop students will learn how to think—not just like heroes, but like world changers. This seminar will broaden students’ perspectives and at the same time challenge them to use the talents and skill sets God has given them to make a difference. Topics include:

  • How to think like a world changer
  • What influence is, and how to use it
  • Avoiding influences that will limit your potential
  • How to increase your influence
  • Exercising the influence God has given you

Students will learn practical ways to use positive influence in the lives of those around them at home, amongst their peers, and in their communities.

We will not have programming for children under age 10, but they are welcome to attend with parents.

When: Thursday, July 24 at 1 p.m. until 5 p.m.
 $10 per adult/student, $5 per child (under age 10)