7 Easy Steps to Begin

  1. Watch our Orientation Videos.
    These videos will answer many of your questions and help you start off on the right foot.
  2. Become Familiar with the Law.
    Understand what is—and what isn’t—legally required for your home school.
  3. Join THSC.
    Learn how THSC serves home schoolers and how to take advantage of membership benefits.
  4. Find a Local Support Group.
    Connections with other home schoolers provide important information, ideas, activities, and many times much-needed advice and encouragement.
  5. Get Your Curriculum.
    Learn about the many options, and narrow down the best curriculum fit for your family.
  6. Withdraw from Public School.
    Learn how to avoid legal problems when disenrolling your children from the public school system.
  7. Begin Home Schooling.
    A few final thoughts before you begin your journey.

Home schooling your children can be one of the greatest things you ever do for them and for yourself. Enjoy!