Get Your Curriculum

There are many different types of curriculum to meet the needs of your family and individual students. Below is a list of the types and their characteristics.


  • Workbook/Textbook Approach
  • Great for Visual and Auditory Learners

Examples: ABEKA, Bob Jones, Calvert

Unit Study

  • Topical/Thematic Approach Covering Various Subjects
  • Great for Multi-Sensory Learners and Multiple Children of Varying Ages

Examples: KONOS, Weaver, Sonlight, Greenleaf Press


  • Learning that Coincides with the Child’s Cognitive Development
  • Great for Multi-Sensory Learners

Examples: My Father’s World, Veritas Press


  • Computer or Internet-Based Approach
  • Great for Visual Learners

Examples: Switched on Schoolhouse, Texas Tech University K-12


  • DVD Approach
  • Great for Visual Learners

Examples: ABEKA DVD

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