Orientation Videos

Home schooling experts and veterans share important information and experiences to teach, encourage, and answer some of the many questions you may have.

Part 1 – Is it Legal?
THSC President Tim Lambert explains the legality of home schooling, how to disenroll your child from public school, and more. Learn more about specific Legal Problem Situations .

Part 2a – Keys to Success
THSC Director of Publications Lyndsay Lambert covers the topics of structure, discipline, curricula, and learning styles.

Part 2b – Keys to Success
Lyndsay also covers subjects to teach, scheduling, lesson plans, record keeping, support group participation, and dealing with discouragement, and the “do nots” of home schooling.

Part 3 – The Dad’s Role
Former THSC board member Chris Parrish explains how a father can make a difference and be part of the team.

Part 4 – Support Groups
Beverly Parrish discusses the encouraging benefits of support group membership and how to find a group near you.

Part 5 – Extracurricular Activities
THSC board member Sarah Singleton discusses the plethora of extracurricular activities available.

Part 6 – Home Schooling Resources
Mary James talks about “Smoothing the Way” groups and resources.