Orientation Videos

Home schooling experts and veterans share important information and experiences to teach, encourage, and answer some of the many questions you may have.

Part 1 – Is it Legal?
THSC President Tim Lambert explains the legality of home schooling, how to disenroll your child from public school, and more. Learn more about specific Legal Problem Situations .

Part 2a – Keys to Success
THSC Director of Publications Lyndsay Lambert covers the topics of structure, discipline, curricula, and learning styles.

Part 2b – Keys to Success
Lyndsay also covers subjects to teach, scheduling, lesson plans, record keeping, support group participation, and dealing with discouragement, and the “do nots” of home schooling.

Part 3 – The Dad’s Role
Former THSC board member Chris Parrish explains how a father can make a difference and be part of the team.

Part 4 - Support Groups
Beverly Parrish discusses the encouraging benefits of support group membership and how to find a group near you.

Part 5 – Extracurricular Activities
THSC board member Sarah Singleton discusses the plethora of extracurricular activities available.

Part 6 - Homeschooling Special Needs Students
Doug and Patsy Arnold of Texas’ Special Kids share the blessings and challenges of home educating your special needs child. Learn more about Special Needs Children.

Part 7 – Home Schooling Resources
Mary James talks about “Smoothing the Way” groups and resources.