Leader Resources

Leaders’ Guide
THSC board has developed this Texas-specific guide for groups, to be a help and support for the work they do, hopefully cutting down on “reinventing the wheel” by sharing information gathered from support groups and leaders from across the state.

THSC Leaders Guide

THSC Handbook
For more than 20 years, Texas home schoolers have benefited from this informative publication, written specifically for Texas home educators. It features articles about the history of home schooling in Texas, as well as how to deal with the school district. It includes articles on getting started, graduation and beyond, along with many other helpful articles and information.

Handbook – $12.00 each; bulk orders available at a discount.

This captivating documentary depicts the hardships and struggles of Texas families in the early days of the home school movement. Told by the participants themselves, the story describes home school pioneers’ battles, both in the courts and in the public arena, which ultimately led to legal victory and the freedoms Texans now enjoy.

Taking a Stand in Texas: $20.00

In Texas, as private school officials, parents decide the requirements for high school graduation. When met, the student may receive a diploma.

THSC Association now makes available this custom diploma on which you may have not only your student’s name and graduation date, but also your school’s name and a life verse, if desired. You can choose from four different font styles and several types of paper. Make this valuable option available to your group today!

Diplomas: $13.00 – $22.00