Home Schooling in Texas

Home schools in Texas have been determined by Texas courts to be private schools, and private schools are not regulated by the state of Texas.

The law in Texas is one of the most favorable for home educators in the United States, and here people are free to determine the course of their children’s education. Texas leads the nation in the number of families who home school. We estimate that more than 120,000 families in the state have chosen this tutorial method of education and that more 300,000 children are being taught at home.

What you need to know:

  1. State Requirements
    Discover what the law in Texas requires of those who choose to home school.
  2. History
    Read an account of the history of home schooling in Texas.
  3. Legal Problems
    Find helpful information for dealing with various legal issues that can arise concerning home schoolers.
  4. For State and Local Officials
    If you are a state or local official, get answers to your home schooling questions.