Child Protective Services

If your family is contacted by Child Protective Services (CPS), there are a few good suggestions to follow.

Record any conversation or interview with a CPS worker, using audio or video recording devices. (We recommend this to ensure that you can later prove what was said and by whom.)

When you begin recording, state your name and the date and ask each person involved to give their name and title as well.

  • Stay calm.
  • Be polite and friendly. Smile.
  • Get the social worker’s business card.

Do not let him into your home. The only legal ways into your home are with:

  • emergency situation (immediate and obvious danger to life or limb)
  • your permission
  • a search warrant
  • Do not allow him to interview your children.
  • Tell him you are willing to cooperate if he will tell you what the charges are.
  • When he tells you, tell him you will take your child(ren) to your physician and have him write a report to CPS.

Repeat the above statements as often as necessary. Do not be afraid of silence.

After he leaves,

  • write down everything that occurred
  • call THSC Association at (806) 744-4441 and/or your attorney.

THSC continues to sponsor Continuing Legal Education Seminars (CLE) in which attorneys are trained by expert attorneys who extensive experience in defending families from CPS. We will be glad to make this list of attorneys available to any family who is faced with a CPS investigation. THSC members are eligible for pro bono representation by an attorney who has received training from THSC CLEs.

Read Government Agency Directives from CPS.