Truant Officer

What if a school district official calls or a truant officer comes to the door?

  • Be polite and friendly. Smile. Stay calm.
  • Get his name and business card.
  • Ask what prompted his visit or call.
  • Tell him, “My children are privately educated at home.”
  • Answer other questions with, “I will be glad to cooperate as far as the law requires, but you will need to give me your request in writing.”
  • Repeat the above statements as often as necessary. Do not be afraid of silence.
  • After he leaves, write down everything that occurred.
  • Call THSC Association, (806) 744-4441, as soon as possible to report the contact.

Do not allow him to enter your home or to speak to your children. The only legal ways into your home are with your permission or a search warrant.  If you receive a written request, respond with a letter of assurance. If you do not respond to a written request in a timely manner, the school district can file truancy charges against you for lack of cooperation.

One of the many benefits to membership in Texas Home School Coalition Association is free legal assistance with any legal issue related to home schooling.  The experienced THSC staff members intervene with government officials by phone, in writing, and/or with legal counsel to end confrontations and confirm the right of parents to teach their children at home.  Learn more about membership in THSC.