The Calm Before the Storm

08/05/14 by Jeremy Newman // Comment //

With the runoff elections behind us, life in Texas has reached a coasting speed for most politically savvy activists. However, for some of us this is really just the calm before the storm. With special elections filling the interim between the Primary and the General Election, even the calm can still be far from restful.

Since launching in early January, the THSC Rangers have worked thousands of hours, knocked on hundreds of doors, and have arguably been a deciding factor in several key races.  The Rangers are now focusing their efforts in several key areas.

Special elections

The fact that most Texans don’t even know the special elections are taking place makes every hour spent and every door knocked on that much more important. The SD 4 Special Election for Steve Toth has been a key area of involvement. State Representative Toth, a home school dad, was a key advocate for home schoolers and parents during the last legislative session, and the Rangers are working around the clock to get his message out to voters before Special Election Day on August 5. Representative Toth has earned the support of all of Texas’ leading conservative organizations, while his opponent has earned the support and financial backing of some of Texas’ most liberal groups. In fact, the liberal Houston Chronicle recently came out in support of Representative Toth’s opponent because Toth’s positions on border security were too conservative.

Up near the Panhandle, the Rangers are gearing up for another special election in SD 28. State Representative and staunch conservative Charles Perry is running for the Texas Senate seat vacated by State Senator Robert Duncan, and conservatives appear more than ready to welcome him to the Texas Senate. With the special election date coming up fast on September 9, the time to reach voters will be short and sweet. The Rangers are preparing for an all-out offensive in the next few weeks to help Representative Perry bring traditional values to the Texas Senate.

Rangers on staff

As happens frequently in the world of politics, talent is recognized and rewarded. Across the state Rangers have made an impact in this year’s election cycle, and many of them have continued on as paid staff for various political campaigns. For example, Attorney General Greg Abbott’s campaign has been so impressed with the quality of work produced by these home school students and graduates that they have started taking them on as paid field reps in his campaign for governor. Additionally, campaigns and consultants across the state are now offering paid block walking positions of which home school students and graduates can take advantage.

As the campaign cycle continues, THSC will be ever on the front lines, protecting home schooling, defending parental rights, and supporting those candidates who demonstrate their understanding and dedication to that cause. With God’s grace we can trust that His hand will guide our path and lift us up when the obstacles are too great for us.

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