The Establishment is Counting Their Losses

03/13/14 by Jeremy Newman // Comment //

The THSC Rangers Program is being used to equip the home schooling community to be an unstoppable force for the 2014 election cycle.

With the help of the THSC Rangers, the 2014 Primaries were a monumental success for Texas home schoolers. The requests for Rangers from the political community were extensive, and the effects could not be more evident. Out of 118 endorsed candidates, home schoolers emerged with more than an 80% success rate, winning 78 elections outright and sending 18 more into the Runoffs—with a surge of grassroots support behind them.

Now, with the primaries behind us, the Runoffs are dawning on the horizon. Make no mistake: the establishment is counting every one of their losses from the Primary and is poised to throw hundreds of thousands of dollars into the Runoffs.

Our Primary victories were won by our hands-on approach to block walking, phone banking, and massive get-out-the-vote efforts, of which the THSC Rangers were a critical facet.

Challenging the establishment is not an easy undertaking. Those who make the bold decision to invest in the future of this state by joining the THSC Rangers program will receive a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that will not only grant an extremely valuable educational experience but will also grant a type of experience that cannot be gained through classroom education methods.

Home school students and graduates this year are taking part in an historic movement that will change the shape of campaigning in Texas. THSC Rangers may even receive college credit, along with other future opportunities, for some of their work. The establishment is counting on a weak response from the conservative community in the Runoffs. The THSC Rangers could be the deciding factor between victory and defeat when the results come in on May 27!

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