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August 2013
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Texas Home School Coalition Review
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The Texas Home School Coalition (THSC) is a 501(c)(3)
educational organization that is supported by tax-deductible
donations. THSC is dedicated to serving the home school
community; it promotes home education in Texas by edu-
cating the public, the home school community, and officials
about home schooling.
THSC Association, a 501(c)(4) advocacy organization dedi-
cated to serving and protecting the home school community
of Texas, is supported by membership fees (not tax-deduct-
ible) and sales of resources. The Association now offers legal
assistance in regard to home education issues as a benefit to its
members, along with several other benefits and discounts.
The work of the THSC PAC (Political Action Committee)­,
endorsing and supporting pro-home schooling candidates,
is supported by donations that are not tax-deductible.
See for more information.
In May THSC addressed concerns with the Bedford and Euless Police
Departments following an incident when a THSC member’s children
were walking to their grandmother’s home during Euless’s daytime cur-
few hours. The children were stopped and questioned by police. Their
father contacted THSC president Tim Lambert, who addressed the sit-
uation quickly with a letter to both police departments, detailing the
law concerning home schooling in Texas. He received a response from
Chief Michael Brown of the Euless Police Department and replied with
his concerns regarding additional actions made by Euless police officers,
encouraging the department to make certain that officers have a clear
understanding of the legal standing of home schooling in Texas and to
review the department’s policies and procedures accordingly.
A Strong Defense
In the Christian tradition of bearing one another’s burdens, THSC
reaches out to the home school community, informing them about their
fellow home schoolers in need and providing meaningful ways in which
they can help. To aid in this effort, THSC has released numerous short,
informational videos.
The videos produced for THSC serve an important purpose for the
home school community. In addition to offering resources for leaders
and educational videos for home schoolers, THSC has also offered news-
oriented segments that keep members informed about important cases
in which THSC is involved and updates on successful cases from the
past. The videos are available for viewing on demand, both at
and, providing an efficient and
effective means of informing both home schoolers and those interested
in home schooling by offering a quick view into what is truly at stake when
laws are misused to subvert parental authority. What is at stake?
: It is the education of students like Alex Brace, who
is now a successful home school graduate, that is at stake. Alex was
caught in the middle of a custody fight when her mother objected to her
father home schooling her.
Relationships between children and parents are
at stake, as in the case of Heather Moody, who faced the uncertainty
of losing custody of her children to her ex-husband’s parents when he
was away.
Families like that of Chassidie Russell are at stake, whose
daughter was taken from her and temporarily put in the custody of her
ex-husband’s parents even though they were neither the biological nor
adoptive grandparents of the child.
The expenses of extended legal battles, even those that
are unfounded, are at stake and can be devastating. After a judge issued
a temporary order to remove Jim Loose’s daughter from his home fol-
lowing her mother’s death, a lengthy legal battle ensued with his late
wife’s parents for the custody of his daughter. Ultimately, Jim did re-
gain custody; however, the cost was nearly crippling. The trial to return
his daughter only took ten days, but the lengthy process the opposing
counsel pursued exhausted the finances of this fit father. THSC stepped
in, and justice prevailed; but not before the judge ruled that even though
Jim won back custody of his daughter, he would have to cover $150,000
of the grandparents’ legal fees.
These stories are all different. They all have different stakes, but they
all also have one thing in common: they are all cases in which the individ-
ual rights of parents and their basic freedoms were in grave danger.
Putting a Face to Our Fight
Circling the Wagons
THSC serves a critical need by protecting the parental rights of home
schoolers in Texas. It represents home schooling, particularly in areas
in which case law could be used to create a standard by which all Texas
home schoolers could be affected. By providing a clear, compelling story
in the most efficient format, THSC is able to bring these often complicat-
ed legal battles to the forefront and keep the home school community
informed about the important issues facing Texas families.
As in all battles worth fighting, there are wins and losses. There were
both this past legislative session. THSC will continue to fight and tireless-
ly serve the home school community of Texas. Join THSC in the struggle.
Be part of the victory, because without the participation and support
of home schoolers, these battles could not be waged. Your support of
THSC’s continuing efforts, along with your prayers and financial support,
is essential and appreciated.
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