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I have been honored to work with my husband through the
years, and many blessings have come frommy time with THSC.
So why am I retiring? I am retiring (or more correctly,
to have more time to be a grandmother, to take care of my
mother-in-law half time, and to be the “older woman.” Years
ago, when my four children were small, I cried out to the
Lord for an older woman; the older women I knew then were
all busy. Because of this experience, I committed to the Lord
that if I lived to be an older woman, I would fulfill the role
mentioned in Titus 2:4–5 to “teach the young women to be
sober, to love their husbands, to love their children, to be dis-
creet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own
husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed.” (nkjv)
During my time working for THSC, in many ways I was able
to keep that promise, especially through writing for the maga-
zine, speaking at conferences, and talking one-on-one with home
schooling moms, but I have always felt that there was more to
it. I worked for THSC first and foremost as a helpmeet to my
husband and secondarily as an older woman. However, now
that we have a great team, I feel free to change my direction and
to begin fulfilling that promise in more of a fulltime capacity.
We now have five grandchildren, and I feel sure there are
more to come. My retirement from THSC will allow me to
spend more time with my grandchildren and to help their par-
ents while they are all in what we used to call “survival mode,”
when it is tough just to get the laundry and the dishes done.
I also want to be more involved in the individual lives of the
young women whom God brings my way. I intend to keep
learning and growing, and I want to share the things that God
has taught me over the years and what He is teaching me today.
One of the ways I plan to do that is by blogging. Not know-
ing my schedule or exactly what my time demands will be, I am
only committing to writing once a week. I would like to invite
you to join me. (Watch the
THSC E-Newsletter
for information
on getting connected to my blog.) One of the greatest bless-
ings of my time with THSC has been the great people whom I
have gotten to know over the years. I am hoping that a blog
will helpme stay in touchwith some of my favorite people: home
school moms!
I will still be at many THSC events. Look for the grand-
mother pushing a stroller with a couple of little ones in tow.
Please be sure to say hi!
Lyndsay Lambert, Editor Emeritus
Author’s note: Lest this article brings up concerns about the fu-
ture of THSC, let me explain that I am the only one retiring. In
addition to a great staff and team, Tim is still going strong. He
has no plans to retire, but he has begun to look for the right per-
son to train as his replacement. We believe strongly in passing
the baton; THSC will continue in the battle for home school and
parental rights long after the Lamberts are gone.
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