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On a Sunday afternoon our neighbors were outside throwing a football.
So I ambled over and struck up a conversation with my neighbors, hoping
to increase our relationship so, someday, I can discuss spiritual matters with
them, introduce them to Jesus, and see some of American history change.
My sons were outside as well, joyfully scootering
down the hill in front of our house. I asked my sons to
scooter over to a neighbor kid and play together. My
sons wouldn’t. Actually, they couldn’t, because they
didn’t know how.
In seven years at our current home, I have done little
with my children to build neighborhood relationships.
Sure, I’ve spoken with and helped my neighbors, but I
never engaged my children in my “mission” to change
American history in our neighborhood. Now, when
pressed into service, my sons were not prepared.
My kids haveMormon friends who are fun and talented.
Without a saving relationship with Christ, my kids’
friends are doomed in the afterlife. Yet my kids don’t
have the urgency to pray their friends out of hell.
Have I shown my children how to share the love of
Christ? Not really.
Doolittle’s Raiders knew their mission had little chance of success, but they
launched anyway to change American history. Only one of the sixteen
B-25B bombers landed safely. The other fifteen crash-landed, with many
Raiders killed, maimed, captured, and tortured.
After the Doolittle Raid, the Japanese Navy changed strategy, moving
the strength of their fleet to the Island of Midway. Japan planned to lure
the remainder of the post-Pearl Harbor U.S. Navy into a trap. Instead, at the
June 1942 Battle of Midway, the U.S. Navy sank four Japanese aircraft carriers;
the Japanese Navy never recovered. Within six months of Pearl Harbor
the Japanese Empire’s morale and navy were destroyed. The Doolittle
Raiders chose to risk their lives and they changed American history.
My wife is another one of my heroes. She never flew a bomber on
a suicide mission. She did insist our children bake pies for Thanksgiving
and deliver them to the neighbors and demonstrate the love of Christ.
She wants our children to change American history in
our neighborhood.
Dads, it is good to teach American history to your
children. It is better to teach your children how to
change American history.
Finally, dads, teach your children about the Doolittle
Raid and God’s providence on the Raiders:
Study the life of Staff Sgt. Jacob DeShazer, a
Doolittle Raider captured and tortured for forty
months. In 1948 he returned to Japan for thirty years
as a missionary for Christ.
Read about John Birch, an American missionary
for Christ stationed in China, who helped Doolittle
Raiders escape.
Learn about Mitsuo Fuchida, leader of the attack
on Pearl Harbor, who later trusted Christ and spoke
for Him in post-war Japan.
If you have a moment, please send an email to
com . I’d love to hear how your family is changing American history.
Pat and Belinda Harrell have home schooled since
1995. They have five jolly children—and the loudest
house on the block. Please send your thoughts on this
article to Pat at
. He
promises to write back. Read more about being an
Imperfect Father at
“It is good to
teach American
history to your
children. It is
better to teach
your children
how to change
American history.”
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