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November 2014
During the 83rd Legislative Session THSC launched an unprec-
edented initiative by recruiting six home school graduates
who lived full-time in Austin during the session—reading bills,
interfacing with legislators, and drafting legislation. THSC is
preparing to recruit a new team of Watchmen for 2015 and
the 84th Legislative Session. In 2013 the Watchmen rose to the
challenge of defending the home schooling community and
coordinated what has been hailed by outside groups as “the
most effective lobby effort in the 83rd Legislature.” When the
Watchmen return to Austin in 2015 it will be with the experience
and reputation they need to leave an even bigger mark on our
state’s capital. THSC will wade into the session championing
two major pieces of legislation: the Parental Rights Restoration
Act and the Tim Tebow Bill.
Ultimately, all of THSC’s efforts in the political realm are motivated
by our dedication to protecting the right of parents to teach and
educate their own children. Today’s children will build their own
Texas out of what their parents leave behind. Freedom may be
defended by a dedicated populace, but it is preserved by an
educated posterity. The sacrifices parents make today will be
either utilized or squandered based not upon what they give up
to defend their children and their future, but by what they invest
to prepare them for it. As John Adams wisely stated, “Posterity
will never know how much it cost the present generation
to preserve their freedom! We must hope
they will make a good use of it.”
As we approach the General Election this
November, this issue becomes especially
apparent in regard to our responsibility
to vote. Children will grow up to replicate
what their parents do even more than
what they say. Explaining to them how
important it is to preserve home schooling,
parental rights and freedom rings hollow
if parents fail to show up to defend their
children’s future at the ballot box. Rest
assured that future generations of
children will exercise their right to vote.
The question is whether it will be done
because parents instilled in them the value
of that right or because they are fighting to
regain the freedom they lost by failing to
exercise it in the beginning.
Join THSC and stay informed about
the issues affecting you and all
Texas families.
Go to or call 806.744.4441
and become a member today.
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