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Teaching Foreign Languages Through the Ages


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This hour-long workshop, which includes props and a helpful guiding tool to chart your own children, fully informs parents about how the human brain changes at different ages in relation to absorbing and truly retaining a foreign language. Full of anecdotes and practical tips for each age range, Señora Gose shares the benefits of her years of teaching Spanish to students ages 3 to 93.

Speaker Information:
Señora Gose is a former Texas public school teacher, current private lessons Spanish teacher, and small business owner. She lives in Central Texas with her husband and growing family of five children. She enjoys teaching her weekly Spanish classes, supporting the community home school endeavors, and keeping a happy, wellorganized home.

Her blog on Homeschool Blogger, “Languishing in Languages,” has language learning tips. Currently, she and her family are taking on the challenge of acquiring German as a third language!

Living in Texas, Señora Gose finds that it is not a difficult task to find opportunities to keep increasing Spanish vocabulary and practicing to stay up-to-date on the local slang, idioms, or simply invented “Texican”—or “TexMex”—words for our region.

Señora Gose encourages students to “use it or lose it”—practice your Spanish words every opportunity you have in order to train your brain to accept new vocabulary and grammar rules with ease.

Friday, 9:30 AM |MONTGOMERY A

Teaching Foreign Languages Through the Ages

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