Failure to Connect: Choosing Curriculum That Fits


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Home education gives us the opportunity to choose or design a curriculum that allows our children (and our families) to be who they are uniquely created to be. So, why do we sometimes simply follow the crowd? One size does NOT fit all! Let’s look at the things that make a curriculum or method of teaching a good choice . . . or a disaster! Let’s assess our family, the teacher (mom or dad!), the kids, and the curriculum and see if it fits.

Speaker Information:
Beverly Parrish is a third-generation educator and mom of seven, who began educating her own children in 1990, home schooling others, mentoring new home school moms, and tutoring. Several of her children have special learning issues, so she has spent those many years actively educating herself on ways to help struggling learners. Beverly is a licensed Davis® Dyslexia Correction Facilitator. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and sailing with her family.

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