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How to Reach the Secularized World with the Gospel


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Most evangelistic programs today—and most missionaries and evangelists—do not see Genesis as a key part in reaching people with the Gospel. In these times, however, an understanding of the history in Genesis (e.g. the origin of sin) is foundational to a full understanding of the Gospel message. Also, realizing how our culture now thinks (and has changed in its thinking) in relation to earth history is key to knowing how people should be approached in presenting the Gospel. To reach today’s culture (including America, which has been the greatest Christian nation on earth) with the Gospel, Christians need to understand the foundational change that has occurred in the culture—and thus the need to use “creation evangelism” if we’re going to be successful in reaching people with the Gospel (and also its message of Christian morality)

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The president/CEO and founder of Answers in Genesis-U.S. and the highly acclaimed Creation Museum, Ken Ham is one of the most in-demand Christian speakers in North America. Ham, a native Australian now residing near Cincinnati, Ohio, is the author of numerous books on the book of Genesis, the accuracy and authority of the Bible, dinosaurs, and the destructive fruits of evolutionary thinking (including his new co-authored book Already Gone on why so many young people are leaving the church, a hard-hitting book on the “races” and racism, Darwin’s Plantation, and the bestseller, The Lie: Evolution). He appears frequently on American TV (in one year alone: Fox’s The O’Reilly Factor and Fox and Friends, CNN’s The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer, ABC’s Good Morning America, the BBC radio/TV, etc.).

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