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Does it work? Is it good for kids? From an educator with more than a decade of experience teaching online—as well as a home school mom who used online learning extensively during the high school years—this session will review the types of online classes, the types of students who fare best in each, and how to get the best experience for your money.

Speaker Information:
Debra Bell is the bestselling author of the award-winning Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling and four other books. A former high school and college English teacher, Debra and her husband Kermit home schooled their four kids K-12. Debra holds a B.S. in communications education and a master’s in English. Currently, she is a doctoral candidate in educational psychology. Her research interest is identifying why, how, and when home schooling works, and she looks forward to using her training to better serve the home school community well into the future. During her home schooling years Debra helped to found and lead three home school co-ops—one for elementary, one for high school, and one for drama. She taught composition and literature courses for more than 20 years, and she continues to teach Advanced Placement English courses online. A popular convention speaker known for her wit, candor, and warmth, Debra is delighted to be part of the Apologia Educational Ministries team and looks forward to creating outstanding new resources for the next generation of home schoolers (and, she trusts, her own grandchildren). Debra blogs at her website:

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